Projekt X is an alternative WW2 setting by Northstar Figures. The models are 1:48 scale (36mm, which is slightly larger than 28mm) and fit well with Northstars WW2 range of figures. The exceptional design and sculpting of most figures was done by Daniel Pacey, except for the Werwolf and the Doc shown below which are excellent sculpts by Mark Sims.
Find more information at http://www.northstarfigures.com and http://www.projektx.co.uk
So far there is no Projekt X rules system so I decided to use them with Westwind/ Fourcolorfigs Supersystem rules. Superfigs is a game where teams of superheroes fight eachother and it includes a very well working character design system. I build the Projekt X characters on this basis using the official guidelines with 85 BPs a character. The Projekt X team is a hard hitting combat unit and I have played several battle against the Freedoms Five and RPM and so far I'm happy with the guys. Superfigs players can find the statcards below, you can download printable versions of the cards by clicking the pictures with the right mousebutton and choose "save target as...". Print the cards and fold them, the back is emty so you can use it to write down notes of campaigns. I recommend to laminate them for longer live.