My Wargods of Aegyptus Anubi Warband.


The Harbringer is the leader of the pack. His godlike appearance allows him three pictures.


The Embalmer prepares the bobies of the dead for the afterlife. He's not as important as the Harbringer but he can be a real old hag so he still get's three pics. apart fromt his he's a killer when it comes to fighting the Eater of the Dead (that's the Undead for the readers that are not familiar with the rules yet).


Next one is an Anubi Hero, one the mean fighters that lead the units or drive the chariots. You need several of them for a well working force so I'll add some more of them. I've some cool conversion ideas already but don't ask.


The core of  Wargods of Aegyptus army are the units of troops who will (hopefully) win you the battle. Minimum unit size is 10 dogs (men, cats, girls, scaly things...) and I start with the minimum, a unit of 10 Anubi with handweapon and shield. For the rulesfreaks, the guys are on 20mm square bases.

A click on the unit brings you to a page with several large shots of ALL Anubi units. This page opens in a new window and can take some time to load so you have been warned.