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Darkest Africa figures for use in Colonial games or these dinosaur hunts.
Lord Bloominton (left), dedicated big wild hunter. He is realy fond of the idea to find dinosaurs one day. His wife, Lady Bloomington (right) shares his hobby and relies on the realy big guns.  
    Sir Samuel Baker (above) is a personal friend of Lord Bloominton. He has to take care of Lady Bloomington on safari. Of course she doesn't know this, she would be realy upset!
Lord and Lady Manchester (left and far left) often join the Bloomintons on Safari. As he doesn't stand the climate over a longer period of time they travel back home from time to time. Officially he goes back because of important political tasks, of course!
John Hanning Spekes (left) and Morton Enfield (far right) are both experienced big wild hunters with a great knowledge of the african flora and fauna. They assist to find the best trails and also speak some native languages, living on the african continent to lots of years. Dr. Jason Merge (middle) is a famous scientist. He has specialised in the biology of african animals and believes strongly there is more than lions and elephants around. He is glad to join the safaries, writing books and articles on the topic.
Morton Blake is first mate on Lord Bloomington's personal ship, accompanieing him on all of his travels.    
Dr E. Livingston takes care of the health of the crew. He has frequently to remove teeth and bullets from the bodies and is doing this with great success!
Group picture!