Chaos in Cairo - The good guys.

Jonathan Nestor (Jon) is an american adventurer and archeologist with a strong sense of right and wrong. His toughest adversay is van Draken. One of his trusty fellow in the fight against evil is Lorelei Wang, daughter of an American sailor and a Chinese mother.
Jon's right hand is the Sikh Ghuran Shan (left), also known as Shanghai Shan since he served as a policemen in China after WW1. ALos in the retinue of Nestor are the highly decorated British WW1 veteran Sir Aubrey Hampton (middle) and the Fench academic and reluctant adventurer Jean Claude DuBois (right).
Thanks to DuBois government connections Nestor can rely on the help of the French Foreign Legion from time to time.

In the streets of Cairo.

The French ambushed by the Husk in the dark.


Nestor meets Draken himself.