This gallery features the evil guys from the Chaos in Cairo game. Baron van Drakens boys are sculpted by Andy Copper who has done the Westwind Vampirewars range in a simillar style so the ranges mix very well. The game is about some very occult happenigs in 1920's Cairo and features tentacles, mummies, girls with unique talents and guys with twisted minds. What else would you want?
Baron Victor von Draken, Prussian Noble and and student of forbidden law.    
    Mohmar Akhun, the von Drakens right hand.
  The Husk, an arab digger who fell prey to von Draken's mystical experiments.  
Ahmed Shaitan (left) and Benni Khotan (right), once petty thieves,  when digging for treasure in the desert they got transformed by the nameless ones.
The Sons of Set, followers of a mystical circle, follow the lead of the Baron.

Mohmar Akhun, guarding a Sloppy Jaloppy Ford AA Truck which carries some boxes full of forbidden lore.
The Husk looking for prey.
The Baron in the streets of Cairo. Click for the full size picture in new window.