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TWFigurines Top Model Gallery
Welcome to my Top Models gallery. I have thought a while how to name this gallery and came to ideas like "Display Models" or "Golden Demon" but somehow all this stuff didn't work for me, so I finally came up with Top Models, simply because these are the models that are living on the top shelf of my vitrin. They are painted to the highest standards I have managed in my live as a figure painter and you decide by yourself if you like them or not. The one thing all of these models have in common is they needed quite a lot of time to finish.
In the single galleries you will find several pictures and closeups of the specific models as well as some text on what I had in mind when painting them (or what I didn't had in mind). I hope this is for some interest for you.
Please note there are several large pictures on each of these pages so it will take a while loading if you have a slow connection.
Repanse de Lyonesse
Eldar Phoenix Lords
Dogs of War Captain
Confrontation Girls
Major Kali
Blood Angel Chaplain