Visit the sites of some of the best painters around the globe in no particular order:
Alexander Bews aka Witchhunter
Agis Neugebauer
Steve Dean
Dave Woodward
Kevin Dallimore
Andrew Taylor
Spencer Keen
Chris Steadman
Brian Phillips
Iron Brigade
Andrew Thomson
Dave Imrie
Ioannis Mavromichalis
Paul Baker
Erwan Hascoet
Matthias Horn
Companies whose figures I collect in no particular order:
Artizan Designs
Wargames Foundry
Gripping Beast
Hasslefree Miniatures
Sloppy Jalopy
Miniature related pages I visit nearly every day:
Total Model
The Miniatures Page
Trusty onlineshops:
Battlefield Berlin Germany, visit them in Berlin or ask if you are searchng for something you can't gat anywhere else.