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One of the nicely sculpted Streetgirl packs of the Copplestone Future Wars range. These packs are realy nice for some experimenting with colours and colourcombinations for clothing and faces and are always fun to do.
The two "Hip Hop" girls are my favourites of the pack. They are painted with colours lips and hair and the lower one has green eyes which gives a nice facely expression. The clothing is toned down with natural colours to give more emphasis to the faces with the bright hairs. I would love to see some more models sculpted in this way.


Well equipped for shopping in the next century.

Lara Croft in classic colours.
  This one might also work well with black clothing. She has some lightreflections on her trousers to represent laque leather without gloss varnish. The effect comes out a bit better on the the real model in 3D.