A selection of Copplestone classic Future Wars figures Assault Marines.


Characters and leaders.

Marine with assault rifles.
Special and heavy weapons.

The range doesn't include any flamer armed models so I needed to convert some models for use with Space Hulk. The magazines of two of the marine models were removed with clippers and modelling knife and replaced with GW melta gun barrels. these the rounded down and filled with some green stuff. I also removed the front of the barrels and attached a piece of 1mm brass rod. The nozzle was sculpted with greenstuff. This is a pretty simple but effective conversion and completes the available range of weapons very nice. 

Combat squads.
Some scenery shots.
A combat section secures a street in a desert town and uses an overflowing dumbster as cover
Fighting in the mexican sun.
Marine ambushed by a local gang.