Back of Beyond Chinese Project: Part 2
Another unit of 10 infantry, this time in fur hats. This headgear was prefered in the cold climate of north China but there is no reason not to use it anywhere in the country. I'll mix the units for gaming purposes as it looks better on the battlefield. Uniforms are the same as for the previous unit and they have lots of irregular equipment for the campaign look.
My troops have a blue armband on the left arm (you can see it with the shooting pose model below), these armbands were worn to show to which warlord troops belong. Armbands had differend colours and sometimes they had the name of the Warlord on them. As most Warlord soldiers of the period had the same equipment and uniforms this was necessary to make sure you don't get shot by your own troops. I read it was a common feature to change armbands when it started to look worse for "your" party. Whole units changed the sides that way during battles.  I've planned some elite for the next update.