The plan is to build up a small platoon of Panzergrenadiers during with nearly daily updates in September. Miniatures by

September 04: First section.

September 05: Second section and some singles.

September 06: SKFZ 251/1 D (Boltactionminiatures 1:56)

September 08: Command Section

September 09: Panzerschreck and 251/1 Transport for Command Section (Boltactionminiatures 1:56)


September 10: Pak40 (Boltaction) with generic Artizan crew

September 11: Next Section

September 12: Second Section complete

September 15: Opel Blitz transport for the second section (Ebob Miniatures with BAM driver), also a Chieftain Models Stug IIID.


September 16: Final update, mortar team, another Opel Blitz (Ebob) and some additional photos.